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Relief Care by Dr. Carlos M Gonzalez, DC in El Paso, Texas

One of the biggest mistakes people make when seeing a Chiropractor is they don’t follow through with their care. I always tell patients “It might take 2-3 session or more to get you out of pain”. Yes many patients have written Google Reviews and said how they came in with severe pain and left with no pain after only one session. It happens for some people some of the times. I always hope it happens for each and every patient but it doesn’t always happen. If you are one of those patients that only went once and are still in pain, follow through with your care and see how much better you’ll feel. That’s called Relief Care. Then there’s Corrective and Maintenance Care. Think of Corrective Care like braces on your teeth. It can take years. Maintenance Care is like taking your car in for a Tune-Up.

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